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Bitcoin Black Friday has partnered with Fold to give away an entire bitcoin (yes, 100,000,000 sats) to one winner who opts for Bitcoin’s circular economy between now and November 27 (Black Friday).

To participate, customers simply need to join the waiting list for Fold’s highly anticipated Bitcoin rewards debit card and confirm their registration with Carrot (You can find the waiting list by clicking on the promotion banner As a company focused on bringing bitcoin within reach of every customer and building the circular economy, Fold is drawing even more attention to Bitcoin-based trading by beating a lucky winner as a sats-hundred-millionaire in this unprecedented giveaway.

San Francisco-based Fold has an eye on a world of hyperbitcoinization, ushering in a new wave of Bitcoin users by building a payment stack for that new economy. Fold’s products are onramps for new Bitcoiners, facilitating bitcoin spending, earning and saving. The latest product, the upcoming bitcoin rewards pass, is a first of its kind, returning a percentage of bitcoin purchases to users each time the cards are swiped. For the debit card, Fold has partnered with Visa to offer rewards expressed in bitcoin rather than points or airline miles, as with most other rewards cards.

“We have a simple plan: give away as much bitcoin as possible to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time,” said Will Reeves, CEO of Fold. “We believe Bitcoin is for everyone, and we’re building a product that makes it easy for anyone to collect it on their daily purchases. of bitcoin. “

Fold’s focus on building the circular bitcoin economy makes it the perfect partner for Bitcoin Black Friday, an annual event highlighting the growth of bitcoin trading since 2012. With deals from bitcoin-accepting merchants and from bitcoin product companies, Bitcoin Black Friday is a one-stop directory for Bitcoiners and those joining the bitcoin economy, providing them with an easy way to save money and pile up sats in the run-up to and on Black Friday (November 27) and Cyber ​​Monday (November 30).

With this partnership, hitting a new full-coiner, Fold and Bitcoin Black Friday are drawing attention to the onramps evolving for bitcoin and adding growth to bitcoin’s circular economy.

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To be eligible for the 1 BTC giveaway, if you are not already on the Fold waiting list:

  1. Click on the action at Bitcoin Black Friday
  2. Join the waiting list for Fold’s new bitcoin rewards card
  3. Confirm your registration with Carrot

4. Stay tuned for Bitcoin Black Friday on November 27th, when the winner will be announced!

If you are already on the folding waiting list, you can also use your referral link to invite your friends to the waiting list, and you will receive a new entry in the Bitcoin giveaway for each referral that completes the process!

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