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As the crypto market continues to rise, new traders continue to enter the market daily. One of the first questions new traders have is where to trade crypto. While there are numerous options for buying and selling digital assets, traders must be extremely cautious and exercise due care to avoid scam exchanges and places with limited or no volume. While the major platforms such as Coinbase, Binance and Bittrex will always have significant volume, their fees are known to be on the expensive side. AAX, a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest futures fees in the world, represents an attractive alternative that traders should consider.

Growth announcement

Some of the most important things to consider when deciding to use an exchange are the number of users and volume. On August 7, AAX announced that the plant doubled its user base in just over two weeks, bringing the total number of registered users to more than 200,000. At this rate, AAX could cross the million mark later this year, which would be an incredible achievement and is certainly due to a variety of factors, including extremely low fees and revolutionary technology.

Exchange of institutional quality

When AAX decided to build its platform, it sought to meet the demands of both institutional and private investors. To achieve that goal, the exchange operates to the highest possible standard in terms of compliance, transparency and performance. Performance is especially important when trying to meet the demands of institutional traders as they often demand the crème de la crème. This is why AAX decided to use LSEG Technology’s Millenium Exchange matching engine, making it the first cryptocurrency exchange to do so. This is the same technology used by traditional markets such as the London Stock Exchange and Borsa Italiana, both of which are now suitable for cryptocurrency traders.

In addition to the above two major exchanges, LSEG offers solutions for more than 40 traditional capital markets around the world and now, with AAX, it also powers a cryptocurrency exchange. This is a groundbreaking achievement and an important milestone. As cryptocurrency continues to mature in terms of number of participants and total market cap, it is imperative that the technology continues to operate at the highest possible level to meet upcoming demand. LSEG will certainly handle this task.

One Stop Shop for Trading

As most of us traders know, we often have to use multiple trading platforms to meet all of our trading needs. We have to use one platform for spot trading, another for futures and another if we need OTC trading. Luckily, AAX puts an end to that multi-platform need as it is truly a one-stop shop that will meet all of your trading needs.

In terms of spot trading, AAX offers over 60 different trading pairs, including the extremely popular USDT settled BTC contracts. AAX offers ultra-low latency with execution speed of less than 200 microseconds and maximum liquidity thanks to active market makers offering a stable supply of digital assets at competitive prices.

One area where AAX really shines is futures trading. This is an area that is particularly attractive to institutional traders, but is quickly catching on with retailers. A big advantage of trading futures with AAX is that the contracts don’t expire thanks to AAX’s perpetual contracts. With most futures contracts, traders only have a certain amount of time to profit. AAX’s perpetual contracts give the trader maximum flexibility in deciding when to exit the market. As if that were not enough, traders can also gain 100x leverage on their positions if they are mostly confident in the direction of the market.

Final thoughts

The crypto markets in the middle of a major bull run thanks to Ethereum and the rest of the DeFi tokens. These massive trading profits are bringing in more and more active crypto traders who need to find a fast, cheap, and secure exchange to trade. From my point of view, AAX is as good as they come. Everything a trader could possibly need such as liquidity, cheap trading fees, institutional grade technology and a variety of products available is as good as they get on the AAX exchange.

Image by Sulayman Sanyang from Pixabay

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