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Price guarantee for the best execution

Aside from going through the rigorous regulatory scrutiny, we’ve spent a lot of time refining how the platform works under the hood. We’ve discussed it before HERE. But the inner workings of a complex system are always worth emphasizing more.

The quality of your trading experience combines two things: 1) your experience with a trading platform itself, and 2) your experience with the market while using that platform. The first is the features, the buttons, the designs. Important? Absolutely! Everything that’s needed? Not at all!

The last – how you experience the market when using the platform – is probably more important, although more difficult to judge unless tried first hand. This includes things like liquidity, spreads, speed of performance, and order execution logic.

And while two platforms can have identical functions, the way they work under the hood is never the same.

Price guarantee for the best performance provided by much of that “under the hood” process is hidden from the naked eye.

Working with liquidity providers, the largest exchanges, to execute user orders in the market, inevitably faced with the questions “At what price do I have to fulfill an order? “ and “What prices must be quoted?” Since the price may differ from one exchange to another, these questions become very practical and influence the results of users.

Best execution price guarantee means that offers you the best price at which it can execute your order in the market, given the market conditions. So the order execution logic is behind the best execution price guarantee. It can split your order across the available liquidity providers or send it to the one with the most favorable price, whichever is most appropriate for a situation.

In a dynamic market like cryptocurrencies, smart order execution logic makes that world of difference!

And that’s what we mean when we say the quality of your trading experience is not just features and tools, but what’s under the hood. With, we took care of both.

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