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Wasabi Wallet, one privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet, announced today Wasabi Wallet 2.0. It expects the product to be released sometime in the next three to fourteen months.

Wasabi Wallet is a free and open-source desktop wallet that uses CoinJoin blending to obscure transaction history by combining multiple bitcoin payments from multiple parties into single transactions, making it harder for third parties to track the individual transaction history of each. It also has a Tor integration as an added privacy measure.

According to the announcement, posted by lead developer nopara73Wasabi Wallet 2.0 offers a “complete user interface rewrite” to improve design without removing features from current software. “Manual CoinJoining” will be removed, except for “power users”. And the anonymous reference scheme WabiSabi will be introduced, which is designed for building CoinJoin transactions using a centralized coordinator to enable more “cost-effective, collaborative transactions without wastage, lay the foundation for payments within CoinJoins, and open the door for combinations with other technologies. “

In the announcement, the release was framed as a major one around Bitcoin’s potential imminent gains upon adoption.

“The sudden improvement in Bitcoin’s acceptability is detrimental to its portability, replaceability and temporarily to its scarcity properties,” said the Wasabi Wallet 2.0 announcement. “Therefore, our goal cannot be anything other than getting Bitcoin ready for mass adoption. To achieve this, we must start with the weakest link: privacy. Wasabi 2.0 may be Bitcoin’s last chance to scale gracefully. “

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While it will take some time for actual users to release it, Wasabi 2.0 may offer new privacy protections at a time when they are most needed in space.

“Wasabi 2.0 is a next-generation Bitcoin privacy wallet that will finally bring confidentiality within the reach of all Bitcoin users, not just the tech-savvy,” the announcement said. Wasabi 2.0 may be Bitcoin’s latest stance in the battle to become ‘good money’.

Peter Chawaga is a senior editor at Bitcoin Magazine. He HODLs BTC.

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