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Join the Debate: Comments now available on Bitfinex Pulse

We are pleased to announce the addition of comments on Bitfinex Pulse. This new feature allows our thriving community to discuss ideas and market trends in a more interactive forum.

Bitfinex users can now:

  • Comment on another user’s pulse by clicking a new reply button, which directs members to a new text field with the same formatting options as writing an original pulse. Although comments are added to the original pulse, each comment is a new pulse and retains its own unique URL while inheriting the parent ID.
  • View the number of responses of a pulse, to the right of the Reply button. Clicking on the number of comments will take users to a page with all comments from the pulse. Users can also retrieve up to 10 truncated comments.
  • Receive notifications of new comments on an original wrist. Users are shown a preview of the pulse, including the pulse link and Answer button. In the mobile view or the side panel of the web version, users can only see the first level of responses of their heart rate.
  • Do not allow comments on every pulse.

Additionally, a “Last Pulse” button allows users to instantly scroll to the top of their news feeds and view the most recent pulses.

To log in to Bitfinex Pulse, a user can choose his or her nickname or use the one already connected to their Bitfinex account on the platform’s Leaderboard. Alternatively, he or she can skip the Bitfinex Pulse account configuration and view the pulses posted by other users.
Discover Bitfinex Pulse now!

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