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Mobile app change log 3.26.0

Recent updates and optimizations for the Bitfinex mobile app

We would like to introduce you Version 3.26.0 of the Bitfinex mobile app.

The latest update to the Bitfinex mobile app contains numerous improvements and fixes to improve the mobile trading experience for our clients.

Download the latest version of the Bitfinex mobile app below:

Now you can too Android application package (APK) Bee:


  • Revision of the stacked banners to a single rotating banner at the top of the trading page
  • Users can automatically fill out the funding form by tapping the specific row in each asset’s funding book on the Funding tab – a feature that already exists on the Trading and Derivatives * tabs.


  • Shortened the time to display the processing mode after a one-time PIN (OTP) has been entered Bitrefill purchases
  • Trading book panel renamed to Order book on each trading pair’s page under the Trades and Derivatives tabs
  • When a user taps a specific row in the Order book panel with more than one order, the page will automatically scroll to the Orders panel
  • Added a notice for a ‘write orders’ permission to cancel all orders under the Orders panel.
  • The Change order button is disabled when the desired permission is not available
  • When a user selects a specific Flash Return Rate (FRR) option in the funding form, the other FFR options are disabled
  • Users are not allowed to select an empty source wallet if the available amount is zero
  • Updated report icon and addition of language icon on the account page
  • The message “Internet not available” is displayed on the loading page when there is no Internet connection
  • Addition of slide-from-right page transition animation

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the message ‘Unknown conversion error’ was displayed when converting money to and from the derivatives portfolio
  • XRP and IOTA deposits are temporarily disabled until a dedicated user interface is ready (users can still deposit these cryptocurrencies on our web platform)
  • Fixed the label changes between Rate & Per Day and Delta FFR Offset% when editing that field’s value in the Funding form
  • Fixed an issue where users would receive push notifications even after logging out of the app
  • Fixed an issue where the graphs would not scroll smoothly sideways
  • The text will now appear in the About section of each trading pair Santiment page

* Derivatives trading products are provided by iFinex Financial Technologies Limited

The above changes have been suggested to us by our active user group.

Feedback from our user base is incredibly valuable to us. Please share your user experience and help us to continuously optimize our mobile app.

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