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Opening up crypto trading to people with color blindness

At the beginning of a new decade, we can reflect on the many monumental achievements of the past ten years.

From synthetic DNA to the advent of cryptocurrencies, we have witnessed breakthroughs in science and technology that have the potential to not only solve some of the world’s greatest problems, but also open up a new world of opportunity. Unfortunately, these new opportunities may not be accessible to everyone.

For the 300 million people in the world with color blindness (CVD), more commonly known as color blindness, the challenges posed by this condition have become more severe as the global community becomes increasingly dependent on colors to communicate.

The challenge of crypto trading for people with color blindness

In crypto trading, red and green are the two most popular colors on a trading screen. The former is used to represent the ‘sell’ option, while the latter represents the ‘buy’ option. These colors are also used to provide a user with visualizations, such as charting the performance of a crypto asset or graphically representing a portfolio.

Ironically, the most common form of color blindness is the two colors most common on a trading screen, red and green.

Image of the trade chart in color blindness and normal vision and red / green side by side

Crypto traders suffering from this type of color blindness can find it difficult to differentiate between the sell and buy options, which can lead to costly trading mistakes.

Additionally, in crypto trading, where time accuracy is critical, taking longer to choose between the buy and sell buttons – even if only for a minuscule few moments – is undeniably a major drawback.

This can have a negative effect on a trader’s confidence, which can affect his or her performance in the long run.

A color blind friendly crypto trading platform

Bitfinex believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies.

We firmly believe that crypto can break boundaries as an investment category accessible to everyone.

With this in mind, we have developed a new theme to help traders suffering from color blindness. The new accessible theme replaces the red color with yellow and the green color with blue. In this way, traders can easily distinguish the elements on our trading platform.

By making our platform more accessible, we are taking another step towards mass adoption.

Image of the trading chart in accessible theme

Bitfinex is the first major crypto exchange to offer this feature, once again earning us the title of pioneer.

We believe it will provide traders with the best trading experience on Bitfinex.

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