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In a Christmas rally that has pushed Bitcoin’s all-time high ever higher, a few recent tweets indicate that a former digital currency critic continues to move towards a full-fledged hodler conversion: billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban .

The Tweet came on December 23, when Cuban announced that fans purchasing Mavericks gear would get a 25% discount if they used Bitcoin to make their purchase. Strangely, however, the report Cuban linked to instead said that buyers who purchase over $ 150 worth of gear with Bitcoin would receive a $ 25 gift card, not mentioning a 25% discount:

This gift card offer, as well as a broader Mavericks policy to accept Bitcoin as payment for tickets, some observers find odd given the Cuban history of belittling the asset. Earlier in 2020, he dusted off a zinger he fired for the first time in September 2019: that he prefers bananas over Bitcoin as a commodity.

However, many have described that Bitcoin’s virtues as a store of value are seen as a process and not an event, and Cuban appears to be taking the required steps.

In a Tweet today, Cuban appeared to be praising Bitcoin’s programmatic monetary policy, saying that listed companies would be wise to limit their stock inflation:

It’s a positive comment that is part of an ongoing, years-long turnaround that landed Cuban on Cointelegraph’s list. Bitcoin critics withered in 2020.

Still, hodlers have to be careful about welcoming another member into their ranks completely. As he progresses in his journey to hard money, Cuban has expressed disdain for what he believes to be “Religious” zeal among keepers in the hope of a doom scenario, and in yet another tweet this week, it’s a theme he seemed to play on, as if he were one of the believers:

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