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The Cointelegraph YouTube channel had some of his wilder moments in 2020: from getting hit with the YouTube ban hammer to witnessing firsthand the antics of crypto’s most eccentric personalities. Here are some of our favorite blooper moments of this year – we hope you enjoy them more than we do!

Bitcoin Halving Party Live Stream YouTube Strike

2020 was a year of firsts for many: the first year of the new decade, an unprecedented global pandemic and Cointelegraph’s first-ever YouTube strike. And frankly, we’re still pretty amazed about it. The strike came in the last minutes of a seven-hour virtual live stream event hosted by Cointelegraph on May 11 to celebrate Bitcoin’s third halving. The stream featured industry experts, high-profile investors, and well-known personalities from all over the crypto sphere. Some notable moments:

Everything went as smoothly as could be expected until the last panel of the day: the Crypto Influencers. This panel featured a number of prominent crypto personalities, including Altcoin Daily, Bad Crypto Podcast, Altcoin Buzz, Naomi Brockwell, Bitboy Crypto, Layah Heilpurn, and Chico Crypto in particular.

After going live, the panel immediately fell into chaos. Midway through the host’s introduction, Crypto Chico started yelling at the other guests, calling them shills, and dropping multiple f-bombs. After he finished his rant, he disappeared from the panel and was never heard from again – at least not on our channels.

The panel resumed as best it could, but 20 minutes later, YouTube suddenly and permanently removed the live stream and the Cointelegraph YouTube channel its first ever strike. According to the warning, the live stream has been removed for violation of YouTube’s Community Guidelines. The specific violation involved the production of ‘harmful or dangerous content’. Cointelegraph’s appeal to the strike was dismissed and no further clarification was received as to the exact reason behind the strike. Due to Crypto Chico’s antics and their proximity to the issuance of the warning, it’s possible that his behavior may have played a significant role in YouTube’s decision. But it is impossible to know for sure.

Watch the live stream highlights here:

Cringe and Craig Wright

No year is complete without a substantial dose of cringe-worthy content … and unfortunately, Cointelegraph is no exception.

Cointelegraph’s YouTube channel got off to a strong start in this department with the publication of a video interview with Satoshi Nakamoto plaintiff Craig Wright. The video garnered over a thousand responses, with many comments on the tricky interaction between the host (me) and Craig Wright. One of the most loved comments to the video came from a tiny YouTuber named River:

This interview was uncomfortable. There is no satisfaction with that. As a host, I felt it quite strongly during the recording. However, the reason for the clumsiness was not what most people seemed to think. I don’t despise Craig Wright or feel any animosity towards him despite his bold claims.

In fact, the interview was conducted using a well-known technique called mirroring. In an effort to get more information and details out of him, I often paused after his answers or repeated his most recent talking point. The result was an interview that seemed cringey and possibly even hostile, but was quite effective at revealing Wright’s personality traits and uncovering several of his bolder claims.

Watch the full interview here.

John McAfee poses with his AK-47 for our former news leader

John McAfee is notorious around the world for his eccentric hobbies and larger than life personality. In the crypto sphere, the American computer scientist is best known for his multiple presidential candidacies, outrageous price predictions, and a bet (now nicknamed ‘The D * ckening’) to eat his own genitals on live television if Bitcoin doesn’t make $ 500,000 against it. in late 2020. He has even managed to stay active on Twitter, despite currently in a Spanish prison, where he is extradited to the US for tax evasion.

Cointelegraph is therefore no stranger to covering McAfee’s wild side. That’s why no one on the video team was surprised then McAfee brandished (upon request) his AK-47 during a virtual video interview with Cointelegraph’s former head of news, Dylan Love. In the same interview, he claimed to be “99% sure” of Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity and also described how he traumatized a visiting journalist by forging a game of Russian roulette. McAfee may be getting older, but his stories never.

Watch the full interview here.

Thank you too!

To close the year, Cointelegraph’s video team would like to say a huge thank you to you, the viewers, for supporting the channel and watching our content. In 2020, the Cointelegraph YouTube channel

  • 140 videos published
  • Had nearly 2 million unique views
  • Got 30,000 new subscribers
  • Had almost 250,000 hours of viewing time

From all of us on the Cointelegraph video team, we can’t wait to see what next year brings and we hope you stay with us. As always, don’t forget to like, subscribe and hodle!