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As Bitcoin continues to break new barriers to redefine its all-time-high prices, the flagship cryptocurrency has become one of the most sought-after tools among individuals and businesses alike. In the current scenario offers a variety of options for users to invest in the digital gold and take advantage of the potential wealth Bitcoin can bring them. is one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms whose products include multi-currency wallet, exchange platform, spot and margin trading, liquidity mining, and more. Investing in Bitcoin on the app is a simple and flexible process, specially designed to meet the needs of different types of investor preferences.

Here are some of the methods of getting Bitcoin on this New Year

Buy Crypto

The fastest method to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in the app is to go to the “Buy” section by tapping on the logo. Users can choose Bitcoin from the extensive list of available cryptocurrencies; enter the amount they want to buy and make the payment. They can complete the purchase by paying through their credit cards, altcoins stored in the wallet, or through the in-app bank transfer funded fiat wallet.

Once the purchase is complete, the amount of BTC purchased will be available in’s BTC wallet, for use or hold until the asset’s price hits the moon.

Recurring purchase

Those who want to gradually strengthen their BTC portfolio, without having to spend a lot at once, can choose the option “Recurring purchase”. It provides an easy way to acquire crypto assets at the desired frequency, without having to manually complete the transaction every time. The “Recurring Purchase” option automates BTC purchases for as little as $ 50 on the app on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

In addition to easy purchases, the choice of Recurring Buy also helps users to reduce the impact of volatility on the total purchase of Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) by dividing the total amount to be invested over periodic purchases.

Earning crypto

The Crypto Earn feature on allows users to stake their Bitcoin on the platform for a specified period of time and earn returns on it. With flexible one-month and three-month staking options available, the deposited cryptocurrency will accrue interest on a daily basis, which will be deposited into the user’s BTC wallet every 7 days as income.

Depending on the cryptocurrency and the length of the stake, users can potentially earn up to 12% interest per year with’s Crypto Earn feature.

Supercharger list

Recently, added Bitcoin rewards to its Supercharger program, where users could deposit’s own CRO tokens into the Supercharger pool for any desired duration within the 30-day period known as the recharge period. Once the reload period is over, depending on the liquidity provided by a user during that phase, they can receive reward tokens in BTC every day for the next 30 days, aptly known as the reward period. With the charging period over, those who participated in the Supercharger will now receive BTC rewards.

Earlier this year, hosted a Syndicate BTC Special Event to mark the official exit of its exchange platform from the public beta. As part of the program, those who wagered CRO tokens on the exchange were allocated $ 2 million worth of BTC for purchase at a 50% discount. The amount of BTC made available at the reduced price was proportional to their CRO contribution.

This is not the end, as will continue to provide attractive ways to invest in various cryptocurrencies.

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