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👏 We made it! Welcome to 2021! The beginning of the year looks inspiring for crypto investors: bitcoin breaks records, altcoins show increased volatility, cryptocurrencies continue to strengthen their positions in the global financial system 💪. But what happens after that? The crypto market is too unpredictable to predict specific events, but CEX.IO continues to monitor the situation.

Our experts share valuable experience and analytical data that can help you understand trends to make informed decisions.

📰 Check out our traditional review of media publications. In this issue you will learn:

  • CEX.IO news
  • Crypto adoption
  • DeFi boom
  • Cryptocurrencies. A year ago
  • Altcoins in the spotlight
  • Market analysis

So let’s get started!

CEX.IO news

👉 In 2020 we filed a registration application with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

On December 16, 2020, the FCA announced that it has introduced a temporary registration regime for existing cryptoasset companies that registered before December 16, 2020 and whose applications are still pending. We submitted the application before that date, so CEX.IO has been temporarily registered by the FCA as a cryptoasset company until July 9, 2021, pending the adoption of our application by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

CEX.IO is given temporary registration status with the FCA

👉 We’ve already shared some articles about the 7th anniversary of CEX.IO, but this one comes from the heart of CEX.IO – its founder and CEO Aleksandr Lutskevych.

In his interview Aleksandr talks about it the advent of Bitcoin as a transformative financial medium and the journey of the cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO which first opened in 2013 and has grown into a service package that suits the needs of different market participants.

London-based cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO is celebrating seven years of innovation and growth

Crypto adoption

👉 The state of the world economy has prompted institutional investors to look for alternative investment methods. And increasingly, Bitcoin (BTC) becomes such a tool. Since August 2020, business intelligence company MicroStrategy bought BTC worth a total of $ 425 million. At the same time digital asset manager Grayscale Investments fetched record amounts in both the first and second quarters of this year (totaling $ 1.4 billion). But we should celebrate institutional investors as the “saviors” of crypto? Or are they the very ones who will lead to the demise of the digital asset industry? Konstantin Anissimov shares his views on the topic.

Institutional investors will not save crypto, but they will help it grow

👉 The Most Popular Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) has become a mainstream hedge as a store of value – for a diversifying group of investors, experts have claimed, with altcoins also for a retail boost ahead. Given the high demand from institutional investors, Bitcoin price can increase. Konstantin Anissimov tells more details about this in the article.

Bitcoin Now Retail Inflation Hedge, experts agree – and Altcoins can follow suit

TheFi boom is still there

👉 What are the factors driving DeFi’s appeal and growth? Even in its popularity, how has the industry left an indelible mark on the global financial landscape? Watch and listen to Konstantin Anissimov’s video and podcast. There he describes how he navigates the minefield of gray areas in exchange regulation, witnesses a growing wave of institutional funds pouring into the cryptoasset space, and shares his views on what lies ahead for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

The value of DeFi

👉 Almost all DeFi projects are about liquidity pools, instant loans, decentralized exchanges, lack of regulation and huge ROIs that most people pursue when investing their money in DeFi assets. Some of them were proved right during the month of November, when a significant amount of DeFi tokens were raised to significant heights.

In the list below, Anton Chashchin, the Commercial Director of CEX.IO Loan, ranked the DeFi assets with the highest capitalizations who were able to make the most profit in November 2020. Read on to find out how the most prominent gains were made.

Five Big DeFi Tokens That Enriched Their Owners In November

Cryptocurrencies. A year ago

👉 So far there have been many comments about the extent to which the Covid-19 pandemic affected how we lived and worked in 2020. But the transformation of the cryptocurrency market in 2020 should not be overlooked. It is fair to say that the most notable movement in the cryptocurrency market in 2020 was the exponential growth of Bitcoin. Read what 2020 was like for BTC in the article by CEX.IO’s Executive Director Konstantin Anissimov.

👉 Bitcoin has qualities that can be seen as both strengths and weaknesses, especially when compared to others cryptocurrencies that are present on the market.

Let’s try to take a closer look at the first crypto with Dmytro Volkov, CTO at CEX.IO – what advantages it has, what problems it faces, what it might look like in the future. Read more in the article.

What will the state of Bitcoin be in the future?

👉 Watch Konstantin Anissimov as a guest in the early morning show on talkRadio. Konstantin talks about the future of cryptocurrency as a payment and investment vehicle that offers alternatives to traditional currencies and assets.

James Max | Dec 7, 20

👉 It goes without saying that 2020 has been an eventful year. From the pandemic to stock market crashes to a global economic turmoil and digital revolution, the world has undergone massive changes this year. And so is the cryptocurrency industry, which thrived in 2020, with new and exciting market trends. Konstantin Anissimov of CEX.IO thinks 2021 and subsequent years will be even better. Read more about that in the article.

2020 was a good year for Crypto, and we’ll have it even better soon

Altcoins in the spotlight

👉 Ethereum (ETH) could continue with its upward movement. According to the executive director of CEX.IO, Konstantin Anissimov, it is reasonable to expect from the smart contract leader to continue its bullish movement. This comes after several weeks of Ethereum and Bitcoin (BTC) trading sideways. In addition, he believes it is possible that Bitcoin will become “the most lucrative asset of 2021”.

👉 You’ve probably heard that Ripple is now in hot water. But the cryptocurrency had seen some impressive price moves aimed at a higher price bar. In addition, the community is still excited about the SPARK airdrop event that will take place in a few months. How can the current state of affairs and the airdrop affect XRP price? You can find some thoughts on that in the articles below.

Market analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) made headlines in December. Sure! The major cryptocurrency hit record highs literally every week (sometimes every day).

Konstantin Anissimov, our Executive Director, shared thoughts on the reasons for such a meeting and analyzed the signals of the future movements of the crypto market.

🤓 Stay tuned to keep an eye on all the crypto news and follow the latest trends. Do you want to continuously improve your financial literacy and get in touch with like-minded people? No problem! Our experts, as well as traders from all over the world, are always in touch with our Telegram channel. Here you can get involved, find great articles and share your opinion: 👉

2021 promises to be even more impressive than 2020. This opens up some exciting trading opportunities!

Not sure what to do in this big financial world? CEX.IO is here to guide you. 🤗

Your CEX.IO team

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