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Due to the ongoing market rally that recently took place, our customer support ticket volumes have increased significantly, and we sincerely apologize for the longer response times to your inquiries than usual.

We recognize the speed of our responses so far was insufficient, which falls short of the level of customer support that we strive for and that our users deserve. To resolve this situation, our teams work literally non-stop. We are also making changes to our customer service systems that allow for higher query throughput and faster response times.

This new crypto market rally has brought a massive influx of new users to our platform, as well as a boost in existing user activity. We receive an immense number of requests 24/7, with much of the account access going to recovery and verification questions.

It is important to emphasize that in light of the rise in crypto prices, the number of crypto scammers is also on the rise.

We will not compromise the security of your money and personal information. So we stick to the highest level of security and keep our platform a safe place to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. That’s why we continue with all necessary verification procedures for customers in accordance with the highest security and regulatory standards.

This is what we are doing now to resolve the situation as soon as possible:

  • Improve the process of sorting and prioritizing tickets. Automation of respective internal operations.
  • Increase the capacity of the customer service team and add more self-service options.
  • Improve the processing of verification questions and customer verification process.
  • Facilitate the processing of accounts recovery tickets and optimize the steps to recover 2FA.

After analyzing the nature of the customer inquiries, we would like to highlight the few self-service options that can help us use our service without any hassle:

  • Use our Help Center – there you will find comprehensive and simple manuals about trading and exchanging.
  • Conduct additional market research for trading as some blockchains like Ethereum are currently overloaded and transaction processing takes more time.
  • look at it prices and commissions page before executing your trades and note the types of orders (market or limit) you are using.
  • Keep their 2FA seed (backup code) safe. The backup code can help you restore access to your account without having to contact our support team.

If you still need the help of your customer service team, here’s what you can do to help resolve your query faster:

  • Use the live chat function to communicate with the support agent in real time as it is much faster than waiting for the email. You can find the chat icon in the lower right corner on every page of the CEX.IO website. Do not create extra tickets and chats on the same issue as it will only increase the queue.

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