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Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, has once again proven to be its most valuable asset as it continues to maintain a bullish trend after briefly breaching the $ 40,000 mark. The soaring price of the digital asset coupled with the need for alternative investments amid the current tumultuous market conditions has increased interest in Bitcoin among new and experienced investors alike.

As more people search for ways to buy Bitcoin, one company will – Bitcoin of America not only makes it easier for the buyers, but also encourages local businesses to be a part of the crypto revolution. Bitcoin of America is a leader in Bitcoin ATMs and is busy with the all-too-well-known mom-and-pop stores and local businesses, giving users easy access to digital currencies in their neighborhood.

Meanwhile, companies that join Bitcoin of America’s network are given the opportunity to stand alongside others on the world map Bitcoin ATM locations while securing themselves an additional source of income. Companies that sign up on the platform will be given the option to host the crypto ATMs on their premises. They can also earn as much as $ 500 per month in transaction fees, on top of the company’s allotted ad budgets. Currently, there are 600 Bitcoin of America BTC ATMs in the United States. The network is growing rapidly, adding between 80 and 100 new locations to the list every month.

Start with it

Signing up with the Bitcoin of America network is a simple process that requires the business owner to just be fill out a form. Once all the relevant details have been provided and credentials verified, the company will take them on board and provide business owners with the necessary equipment and know-how to support customers looking to purchase Bitcoin. The partner will only have to provide space for the Bitcoin of America ATM, along with access to the power supply and internet connection.

All necessary licenses, additional infrastructure and even the maintenance of the machines are handled by Bitcoin of America itself.

An invaluable addition to small businesses

Most small businesses are limited to serving the needs of their own community, usually with a dedicated group of customers. Under these circumstances they have limited scope for expansion, and any intention to generate additional income is usually accompanied by the need for capital. But by hosting Bitcoin of America’s ATMs, they may be able to take advantage of the increasing demand for bitcoin at no additional cost.

They will also have the chance to take part in the advertising and publicity campaigns for the Bitcoin ATM, which are run across multiple channels at the company’s expense to increase traffic for their main business. They will also provide an easy and safe way to their community buy bitcoin through a FinCEN regulated crypto company. Ultimately, they will also play a key role in further expanding the global cryptocurrency community.

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