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CoinMetroA popular Estonia-based cryptocurrency exchange platform has gained significant ground over the past year, despite the ongoing pandemic that caused a widespread disruption. One of the most important developments during the year is the launch of a digital securities market in collaboration with Ignium.

The launch of the digital securities market was quickly followed by the CoinMetro Bond sale which went live in November 2020, with the aim of raising 2,500,000 euros. The tokenized bond offering expires on January 30, 2021 and allows users to purchase CoinMetro bonds for as little as EUR 10 and earn 8-12% annual interest over a fixed term of 2 years. The platform is now sold out and brought in 2,500,000, of which more than EUR 2,000,000 in investments were received within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s bullish trend and a very positive outlook on the cryptocurrency market have made 2021 a great year for CoinMetro so far. Within the first two weeks, the platform witnessed that monthly earnings exceeded every other month, forcing the company to revise its estimates for the remaining days of January 2021. According to official forecasts, in January 2021, CoinMetro’s sign-ups will increase 25 times, combined with a 63x increase in sales and a whopping 380 times increase in trading volume. CoinMetro’s growth is also reflected in the value of XCM – the platform’s native token which registered a 300% increase this month.

In the past year, CoinMetro’s total annual volumes have increased by 30 times, combined with a 20-fold increase in revenues and a 12-fold increase in the number of new registrations. If recent performance is any indication, the platform could outperform itself by a huge margin in 2021. In addition to CoinMetro, other exchange platforms also expect the new year to turn out positively for them as rising cryptocurrency prices have refreshed investors. interest in the digital asset. A large number of new users to these platforms are expected to be crypto investors and traders for the first time, a significant proportion of which will be active traders. They will create sustainable demand for crypto assets, further boost crypto prices and platform revenues in the form of trading and exchange fees.

Founded by Kevin MurckoCoinMetro is designed to provide people with access to products and services that solve problems related to traditional finance while helping them create wealth. Aside from the cryptocurrency exchange and Europe’s first end-to-end security token platform, CoinMetro also offers margin and copy trading features that support both fiat and crypto collateral. Unlike some of its counterparts, most of the products on CoinMetro are built in-house and can provide an enhanced user experience at a low cost. Last year, CoinMetro launched its own fiat on-ramp solution that supports USD, EUR, GBP and AUD deposits and withdrawals using multiple payment options. The platform has the necessary licenses from the government of Estonia and is registered with regulators in Australia and the United States.

The growth of the platform will be further enhanced by some of the highly anticipated developments, including the launch of a secondary security token marketplace, an XCM stakeout platform, additional licenses, and significant enhancements to the platform’s UI and UX. CoinMetro is looking forward to supporting multiple new businesses with fundraising on its platform as it explores partnerships with trading software vendors and other major players in the crypto space. Overall, CoinMetro plans to make 2021 a year full of surprises for its community.

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