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Bitcoin resumed its upward trend ahead of the New York session Monday as traders weigh their risk-on-odds against US President Joe Biden’s incentive plans and its potential bearish impact on the US dollar.

The flagship cryptocurrency claimed $ 34,500 after a whopping 6.83 percent increase while its market cap exceeded $ 636 billion. The upward move came after a depressing Friday and weekend session, in which the price fell to just $ 28,372 at one point.

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, BTCUSD, BTCUSDT
Bitcoin is soaring amid the weakening woes of the US dollar. Source: BTCUSD on
Bitcoin rises amid the US dollar's weakening woes. Source: BTCUSD on

Elsewhere in the crypto market, Ethereum exploded by more than 21 percent, claiming a new all-time high above $ 1,470. Other tokens including Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Binance Mint, also increased within the 5-6 percent range.

In total, the cryptocurrency market has added $ 40 billion to its reserves in the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin meets incentive

Bitcoin’s profit took place after Mr. Biden signed two implementing decrees, one of which would increase spending on the federal food aid program and streamline the delivery of incentive controls. The US president has plans to provide at least $ 1.9 trillion in emergency relief funds amid the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

The mood demand for the safe-haven US dollar decreased, whose strength against the world’s best foreign exchange fell 0.2 percent overnight. Meanwhile, the greenback’s net speculative short position also grew to its highest level for the past decade in the week ending January 19.

US dollar index, DXY, US dollar
US dollar index pulls back after testing resistance near 90. Source DXY on
US dollar index pulls back after testing resistance near 90. Source DXY on

This further highlighted that market sentiment for the dollar is bearish. It pushed Bitcoin’s popular anti-fiat story among speculators thanks to their negative correlation with each other since the March coronavirus crash.

“Expect maximum fiscal and monetary stimulus until the current unemployment rate drops from 6.7 percent to 4 percent – still a long way to go, ”said Dan Tapiro, the co-founder of DTAP Capital. “Bitcoin and gold supported. “

Fed Meeting

Signs of further benefits for Bitcoin also appear in the form of the Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday. In it, US central bank chairman Jerome Powell expects to say he has no plans to reverse the Fed’s open-end bond buying program and ultra-low interest rates.

“The QE tapering process is likely to be a gradual one that could last in 2022 and possibly be followed by the first rate hikes later in 2023,” said MUFG currency analyst Lee Hardman wrote.

“Under these circumstances, we continue to believe it is premature to expect the US dollar to recover now in anticipation of impending policy tightening, and we still see room for further weakness this year,” he added.

The outlook of a long-term bearish US dollar also boosted Bitcoin’s ability to hold $ 30,000 as a long-term support level. Major institutions such as Grayscale Investments are increasing their Bitcoin reserves around the same level.

Bitcoin has watched an extensive upward run of more than $ 35,000 from this press time.

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