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The Nimbus FinTech platform has amassed 50,000 users since its inception in 2019. The official launch of their new products, Nimbus DeFi Platform and native utility token NBU is scheduled for 27th January 2021. The Nimbus platform will be a fully DAO managed ecosystem of four decentralized applications (dApps), based on the best practices of both DeFi and the traditional financial sphere. In total, users can access more than 10 pools on one platform, powered by the NBU token. In addition, the platform will provide access to opportunities that were never available to ordinary people, even with fiat money – such as participation in IPOs or start-up financing, for example.

As noted by representatives of Nimbus – “The Nimbus Fintech platform has been running for 50,000 people around the world since 2019. Switching to DeFi is a logical step in our company’s development strategy. Our new platform provides users with all the tools they need in one place and eliminates the need to switch between native tokens. NBU is the only token that will provide access to a range of unprecedented crypto capabilities, including more than 10 pools with transparent value-generating mechanisms behind each. “

The upcoming launch of Nimbus will be one of the most important events in the DeFi space. After the rise and tide of the Crypto industry, interested participants are flocking to the DeFi sector as the hottest ticket that will stabilize the economy. Nimbus’ appeal stems from the fact that they already have a great track record of providing efficient blockchain-based financial tools, and now they are trying to deliver even more, but in a decentralized environment. Their new platform will be a healthy, sustainable ecosystem with more than 10 different pools to meet every user’s request. Everything in one place and accessible via just one token, without additional costs or registrations.

It won’t be long before Nimbus becomes the next big player in the DeFi space. While DeFi is growing at a much faster pace than before, the industry needs real-world use cases to become tangible. After that sentiment, Nimbus will contribute significantly to the development of a decentralized economy. Early entrants who realize Nimbus’ potential in driving the future of finance have the best chance of getting the most out of the DeFi revolution.

As part of their 2021 roadmap, Nimbus will launch a set of 4 decentralized applications (dApps) including the P2P lending dApp, Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp, Crowdfunding dApp and IPO Hub dApp, and a system of three Nimbus tokens each with its own unique use cases and benefits to the users. The first to be launched is NBU, the utility token that provides access to all Nimbus solutions. Users can get it on the Nimbus platform from 8am CET on 27th from January 2021.

Here’s a little insight into the four decentralized applications that make up the Nimbus ecosystem in the near future:

  • Crowdfunding dApp –It is essential to mention that participation in seed capital and crowdfunding was generally previously restricted to institutional investors and financial hoarders. Something that could prevent the general public until the beginning of Nimbus. Through the Nimbus Crowdfunding dApp and its unique pool mechanics, users around the world can now participate in start-up equity and convertible bonds, while maintaining the highest level of accountability through smart contracts. The Crowdfunding dApp will be launched QT1-QT2 2021.
  • IPO Hub dApp – This is one of Nimbus’ most unique offerings. With this futuristic IPO Hub dApp, holders of any amount of crypto can participate in IPOs. The platform eliminates the need to pay additional brokerage fees, while also allowing users to enjoy advanced evaluation mechanisms and analysis in one place. The IPO Hub dApp will be launched in QT2-QT3 2021.
  • P2P loans dApp –Unlike other dApps, Nimbus’s P2P lending dApp provides a variety of multi-level credit and lending options to users based on a risk-adjusted criterion. In addition, the tool also facilitates location-based direct matching of borrowers and funders. The P2P loan dApp will be launched in QT1 2021.
  • Crypto-Arbitrage dApp – The Nimbus Arbitrage-Trading Bot has been in use for almost a year and has successfully built a base of 50,000 users. Now Nimbus is taking a step forward by upgrading it to a Crypto Arbitrage-Trading decentralized application with innovative pool mechanics that enable risk mitigation and allow users to optimize their rewards. The Crypto Arbitrage dApp will be launched in QT1-QT3 2021.

Nimbus is a DAO-controlled ecosystem, and that little phrase has a lot more meaning and appeals to the common people. To give you a better perspective on what Nimbus means to the DeFi space, here are a few considerations: all of Nimbus’s tools are based on smart contracts. Stakeholders can not only become users on the Nimbus platform, but also become co-creators with the right to vote on platform reward levels, transaction fees, token distribution and issuance, and so on. Users can access this through the Nimbus Governance token, which is expected to launch shortly after the launch of NBU in QT1 2021.

In addition, only 10% of Nimbus Governance tokens are given to the Nimbus organization. This approach ensures that decision-making does not fall into the hands of a central body and that the Nimbus Platform operates under the joint authority of all its members. This is the true essence of DeFi. With the rise of Nimbus, it is time for the people to retain power.

We sign off, we wish a smooth sail for the official launch of the Nimbus platform and the NBU token on the 27th January 2021, and we appreciate their efforts to create a restructured financial empire that will return power to the people.

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