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On this week’s episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast”, Christian Keroles sat down with Andy Edstrom and Peter McCormack to discuss their recent contribution to Bitcoin MagazineWinning hearts and minds for Bitcoin. “

Both McCormack and Edstrom believe that Bitcoin is inevitable and that it has already won, but it may be easier or more difficult to accept this fact depending on how Bitcoin evangelists teach. They believe that through rhetoric and an appeal to moral foundation theory, Bitcoin evangelists can better explain to skeptics and newcomers the numerous positive implications of Bitcoin adoption.

Foundational moral theory is a theory of how people make decisions and establish attitudes about things. The theory greatly influences the book “Righteous Mind”, which is the inspiration for the article.

The foundations of the moral foundational theory are:

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  1. Care / damage
  2. Honesty / Deceit
  3. Loyalty / betrayal
  4. Authority / subversion
  5. Holiness / degradation
  6. Freedom / oppression.

In the article, the authors apply this mental model to mining and energy consumption.

“Bitcoin users should educate people on this topic and avoid starting passively in the backseat. Whenever you talk to someone who is concerned about Bitcoin’s environmental impact, it might make sense to ask the following question: ‘Can you please explain to me how we’re going to beat global warming without Bitcoin? (That is, defend your doomed arguments, and I will respond with my Bitcoin root.) “

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