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This episode of Bitcoin Magazine‘Bitcoin in Asia’ featured Alejandro De La Torre, vice president at Poolin. De La Torre and Poolin manage to specifically improve the communication and transparency of the Taproot activation process. Poolin also recently launched a live-traded hash rate backup token, a token that represents 1 terahash hash rate in its own mining operation.

De La Torre has been in the Bitcoin data and mining space since 2014 when he founded SendChat, later acquired by wallet and data service Blocktrail, where he led business development until it was acquired by Bitmain. Within Bitmain, De La Torre co-founded and led its European office during the SegWit upgrade process. Now, back with former colleagues at Poolin, De La Torre is leading its global business development.

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Payment pools, a potential Layer Two solution powered by Taproot, can let groups of bitcoin users share UTXOs and enjoy greater privacy.

He discussed Poolin’s hash rate-backed token and why it is gaining popularity as a newcomer to the market and the progress of and what comes next in the activation process. De La Torre also shared his views on recent news in North America DCG’s foundry and Blockstream, as well as Bitmain’s split and how it sees the outlook for each individual entity.

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