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BFX Feature – Bring market data to your spreadsheets

We know that fast and accurate market data is a critical aspect of trading especially for algorithmic traders and high frequency traders. That’s why we’ve made our market data accessible to the public through the Bitfinex APIs.

We have developed BFX function for you, to show you how Bitfinex market data can be used to bring data into your Excel spreadsheet and be customized to your own needs. BFX Function is an add-in that uses custom functions to retrieve specific pieces of data you want in Excel spreadsheets. It works by parse market data from the API into a known table structure in Excel.

BFX Function has different formulas to provide you with different information such as historical prices, ticker data and candle data. You can find the full list on the downloadable Cheat sheet File.

Here are some of the things you can do with BFX function:

The BFX function allows you to parse data into an easier-to-read format in Excel. The tickers data from the API looks like this:


The data looks like this with the BFX function:

  • Determine the estimated value of your portfolio at any given time

It may take a while to find out how much your crypto wallet is worth; However, with REST API you can request this information directly. You need to build each query and then find the appropriate field in the returned data to get the information you want. This data can then be used in websites, mobile apps, or just a spreadsheet for personal use.

The BFX function simplifies the process by creating a table in Excel and quickly analyzing your questions for any currency you have.

  • Keep track of market indicators

Keeping up to date with the market takes a lot of work. The BFX function includes options to automatically calculate market sentiment indicators such as the ratio of longs to shorts. It’s easy to build a table to track it over time.

  • Expand the custom function with your own calculation

You can extend the BFX function with your own custom fields to easily handle all the calculations you perform regularly with the data from our API.

Read how to do this on it Showcase page of our API documentation.

Visit to download BFX feature and get started! BFX function is just one example of the possible use of the Bitfinex API data, visit Bitfinex API Showcase for more. Finally, we would love to hear from you! Please provide your feedback on BFX feature by completing this shape.

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