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Stratis, the leading Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform that makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to adopt DLT, has announced a significant development that could potentially make it a formidable force in the business blockchain solutions industry. The platform has received an initial investment along with a commitment to make further investments of at least a few million over the next two years Alphabit – a digital asset investment fund.

The Stratis Platform is known for its ability to provide blockchain solutions that can work seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure. It achieves this unique feat by leveraging the widely used C # programming language to develop blockchain features including smart contracts, multiple side chains, and even a full ICO platform.

Announcing the news, Chris Trew, Stratis CEO said: “We are delighted to partner with Alphabit, one of the world’s first regulated digital asset investment funds. Alphabit’s first injection, coupled with their further investment commitment, will no doubt help accelerate the adoption of Stratis Technologies, while strengthening Stratis as the go-to platform for Microsoft.NET Blockchain development. “

With more than a billion dollars in assets under management, Alphabit has a keen interest in blockchain projects that deliver turnkey solutions. The fund identifies and not only invests in such projects, but also helps them with end-to-end partnerships and more for sustainable growth and expansion. The entry of Alphabit and its digital assets investment fund will enable Stratis to rapidly scale up its offering, allowing mainstream organizations to use blockchain in their day-to-day operations.

In a statement, Alphabit CEO Liam Robertson said: “Stratis Protocol, after analysis, fits nicely into our investment thesis and we believe the growth potential for Stratis is exponential. We are delighted to welcome Stratis to our portfolio and look forward to supporting them in the months and years to come. ”

Some of the products offered by Stratis Protocol include Stratis identity – A decentralized KYC and AML check solution, Supply Trust – a turnkey solution for transparent and reliable supply chain management, fully compliant STO platform for issuing digital securities through token offering, and Stratis smart contracts developed in the industry standard Microsoft C # language.

Alphabit’s initial investment and long-term commitment to provide additional funds over a period of two years indicate Stratis’s potential to add infinite value to its B2B blockchain solutions. As more companies explore the possibility of implementing decentralized technologies in their operations, Microsoft.NET and C # based blockchain solutions will fit right into their pre-existing infrastructure and Stratis will make the whole process a lot easier.

Image by Lee Ashby from Pixabay

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