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The platform provides users with a range of automated money management tools and aims to unlock DeFi to a wider audience.

We have all seen the meteoric rise of decentralized finance in recent months and with the DeFi market cap now around $ 47 billion, decentralized lending and borrowing protocols have made their mark as one of the many innovations of blockchain technology in recent years. years. The total value locked in DeFi protocols according to CoinGecko is currently over $ 34 billion, and with more platforms emerging every day to provide alternatives to legacy and centralized financial products, there is no shortage of options for consumers.

But having said this, many of the DeFi protocols on the market are still, for the uninitiated, difficult to understand and difficult to use. In fact, the complex mechanics behind decentralized borrowing, borrowing and yield farming can put many off as they try to get involved in the decentralized financial space and are considered a major bottleneck when it comes to mainstream adoption.

DAOventures is a platform that strives to bring the power of DeFi products to the mainstream market and traditional investors around the world by offering a range of automated and easy to understand tools and services, all within a user-friendly interface. Having recently closed a successful private sale, the team behind DAOventures is trying to bridge the gap between DeFi services and the real world.

DeFi made easy

Many traditional and mainstream cryptocurrency investors are struggling to get to grips with the mechanics that underlie DeFi protocols. Yield farming, fleeting loss, and clunky decentralized exchange interfaces are some of the several confusing hurdles that can keep the day-to-day investor from taking over decentralized financing, and DAOventures strives to make both the technology and strategy behind DeFi more accessible with its comprehensive set of tools and services.

With products including an automated DeFi money manager that leverages robo advice, harvest farming aggregation and structured DeFi products, the DAOventures platform takes the lion’s share of the work out of the investor’s hands and converts it into proven automated tools that turn. With innovative yield farming options, users can choose from the best strategies all in one place, choosing from a range of different yield farming strategies, from low reward with low risk to high reward with high risk.

“Our core team researches, analyzes and tests the latest DeFi protocols to filter the best of the rest. It has never been easier to explore and assess based on your suitable investment need. Benchmarking with the best performance algo. “ – Victor Lee, DAOventures product manager

One dashboard to control them all

By using the DAOventures DeFi dashboard, users have unparalleled access to the DeFi markets and can browse curated products, view historical returns and choose preferred strategies based on risk profile. One of the main issues with yield farming and liquidity mining is the need for constant performance monitoring to maximize profitability and prevent temporary loss – the DAOventures platform makes investments and liquidity provision transparent, accessible and visible at all times, with self-preservation which means that the user is always in charge of his money.

Private Sale success

DAOventures recently announced that they had successfully closed their private round of sales, after being 20x oversubscribed. The project raised a total of $ 1.3 million in the private round of sales and garnered interest from several notable investors from a range of industries, including Moonrock Capital and Black Edge Capital, a company with an impressive investment portfolio that includes projects such as Tomochain, Hypernet and Fantom.

The DAOventures team has experience with an impressive background, including positions at Google and Standard Chartered Bank, and the DAOventures team is made up of professionals from the traditional finance, digital marketing, software development and smart contract development sectors. Advisors include Aaron Choi, vice president of Kava Labs, and Aniket Jindal, co-founder of Biconomy.

The public sale of DAOventures is expected to be announced in the coming weeks and with an overwhelming interest in the private sale, its public counterpart is expected to be just as popular.

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