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In this Bitcoin Magazine unboxing, Christian Keroles looked at the brand new and very impressive Hodlr Disk from Hodlr Swiss.

The Hodlr drive is a very impressive, robust and complete Bitcoin seed back device. The team at Hodlr Swiss have clearly thought about the main ways a user would want to back up their Bitcoin private key seed phrase and have come up with a simple and clear guide to guide a user on how to properly backup upping his seed phrase.

When unpacking Keroles rated the following:

  1. Everything in the box
  2. What the device looks like
  3. How the devices feel
  4. How to use the device
  5. Side-by-side comparison of the Hodlr Disk and the Hodlr Disk BTC edition
  6. An unprofessional assessment of the power and robustness of the device

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