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Paxful, one of the largest peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplaces in the world, celebrates the real reasons people use bitcoin every day with a special $ 15,000 to give away. The platform helps millions to access payments, e-commerce, money transfers, asset preservation, and philanthropy with bitcoin.

What real people use Bitcoin for

With bitcoin’s incredible recent rally, it’s no surprise that most of the news you’ll hear about the cryptocurrency focuses on its price increases. However, it’s important to remember that for many people it is so much more than just a speculative asset. Operating around the world, including markets with hundreds of millions of people without a bank account, such as in Africa and Asia, Paxful can see what people are really using for bitcoin.

To celebrate these real-world cases and the fact that bitcoin is a valuable resource for all people, Paxful is launching a special $ 15,000 giveaway where 1,500 traders can win up to $ 100. BTC. To find out more about the terms of the offer and to participate in the #BitcoinForAll campaign click here.

The first use case for bitcoin is payments. In many parts of the world, even people who are ‘privileged’ enough to have a bank account still struggle to control their own hard-earned money. This is because many banks, particularly in Africa, impose daily spending limits on customers, for example by letting them spend no more than $ 100 per day. Bitcoin allows people to overcome these limitations by purchasing gift cards in a P2P marketplace with BTC and use that to pay instantly for the stores that need them. Over 300 payment methods are available on Paxful, including gift cards, debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers and much more.

On the additional end of the market, bitcoin also allows ordinary people to start their own ecommerce businesses, even if they don’t have bank accounts. Anyone in the world can directly accept bitcoin and change it on a P2P local cash marketplace. To make it even easier for sellers to start ecommerce businesses, ‘Pay with Paxful‘enables merchants to revolutionize the way people pay them – with over 300 payment methods.

Paxful is celebrating the real reasons people use Bitcoin every day with #BitcoinForAll Giveaway

Enter #BitcoinForAll $ 15,000 Giveaway

Remittances is another important use case for bitcoin. Immigrant workers sending money home is an essential way for many to support their families and even for some entire economies to keep afloat. Unfortunately, the current international remittance system takes advantage of this vital need to get the most profit from their regular clientele. In some countries, people have to pay up to 20% money transfer and exchange fees to send money home. This is before taking into account the time wasted waiting in line at a money transfer shop or bank and the delays until the money actually reaches its destination. Bitcoin makes the entire remittance process much cheaper, easier and faster. And with a P2P platform like Paxful, ordinary people can use their free wallets to send money to friends and family “using bitcoin – to make a living by helping employees with money transfers.”

The next step after you send money home is to make sure it’s still worth as much as you need it to be. For this reason, many people use bitcoin as a resource for this preservation of wealth. Much has been said recently about how printing $ 3 trillion will lower the USD and push the American people towards bitcoin, but for many in emerging markets this is already a reality with their local currencies losing value quickly. Inflation and hyperinflation have devastated the economies of countries such as Nigeria, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Argentina and Venezuela. Bitcoin, as a global and decentralized currency, is a hedge against local governments that mismanage the country’s finances, unforeseen crises, and even conflict. And in an era of historically low interest rates, keeping your money in the bank and letting inflation take its value away just isn’t worth it.

The last, but certainly not the least, real-world use case for bitcoin is philanthropy. The cryptocurrency has several advantages of making social good in the world, such as being able to send money anywhere in the world, to whomever you want, and without the expensive help of middlemen. And you might not hear about it in the mainstream media, but the bitcoin community has some really charitable people, with one of the best examples being Paxful #BuiltWithBitcoin initiative. It has built schools and wells, funded scholarships and provided much needed help during a crisis. Checking out for the latest developments with the initiative and make a donation.

Paxful is celebrating the real reasons people use Bitcoin every day with #BitcoinForAll Giveaway

Paxful aims to raise awareness and celebrate all of the major real-world use cases for bitcoin mentioned above and launch a new campaign to achieve this. The platform is giving away $ 15,000 to the first 1,500 people to sign up, verify their account and trade with the BitcoinForAll tag. To learn more about the terms of the offer and to participate in the $ 15,000 giveaway click here.

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