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Apple Music veteran Parker Todd Brooks leaves the company to join Ledger, one of the largest providers of cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

Brooks will now lead Ledger’s non-replaceable token, or NFT, division, as the company expands its support for the storage, display, management, and security of NFT pieces, according to a Friday announcement.

Brooks joins Ledger after working at Apple Music for the past seven years and helping launch Apple Music and music radio station Beats 1 after Beats Music was acquired by Apple in 2014. Before joining Beats Music as director of artist integrations, he worked at Topspin Media, leading the integration into Beats Music and Spotify.

In his new role as Ledger’s Vice President of NFTs, Brooks will be responsible for bridging the platform with the artistic community and developing NFT management products. He will also ensure that NFTs “take precedence over Ledger’s software and hardware platforms,” ​​Ledger wrote in the announcement.

“I have spent my career serving the artist community. With NFTs, there is an opportunity to reimagine how art and music are created, sampled and managed, while at the same time tackling the security concerns of storing NFTs on internet-connected devices, ”said Brooks. The Apple Music veteran noted that his mission will be to “simplify the process of helping artists present and manage their digital works, and store them securely.”

A major supplier of hardware wallets designed for secure storage of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ledger has apparently tried the continuous NFT boomThe firm says that some of its hardware wallets allow users to store NFTs.