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The current acting director of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN, will retire from the governing body in April. His replacement: Michael Mosier, former Chief Technical Counsel of Chainalysis.

“Director Kenneth A. Blanco today announced several leadership changes affecting the agency,” said a public statement from FinCEN on Friday, adding:

Director Blanco announced that he will leave FinCEN on April 9, having served as director of the organization since December 2017. Michael Mosier, former Deputy Director of FinCEN and current advisor to the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, returns to FinCEN as acting director. “

Blanco was the eighth director of the government agency. AnnaLou Tirol, the deputy director of FinCEN, previously served as associate director of the agency’s Strategic Operations division, the statement said. Mosier will act as acting director on April 11.

This is not the first crypto-experienced tenant by a government agency. President Biden chose Gary Gensler as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. Gensler, like him, is well-trained in the crypto industry gave an in-depth course on the topic from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, in 2018.

After Mosier’s work for Chainalysis, he spent time working for FinCEN in other positions, as well as for the US Department of Justice and various other positions in the US government.

“I am proud to have led an incredible organization with an important national security mission that has a profound effect on the lives of so many people, especially the most vulnerable in our society,” Blanco said in the statement on his departure. confident in Mr Mosier and Ms Tirol’s ability to lead the agency forward and continue progress to ensure our national security and protect people from harm. “

US government agencies getting more involved in the crypto industry over time.