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Billionaire Mark Cuban believes Ethereum is the closest thing to being a real currency and sees Bitcoin as a better alternative to gold.

The co-owner of Shark Tank and Dallas Mavericks made the comments as a guest on a recent episode of the Delphi Podcast, where he noted that the growth of DeFi and NFTs had gotten him excited about crypto. He explained that “smart contracts and the fact that they are decentralized” means “there is no one in charge there, the governance is completely different. That changed the game.”

In fact, he compared the development of Ethereum’s smart contracts to the internet boom in the late 90s and early 2000s:

“When the internet started to emerge, you started to see all these applications that could disrupt things that were happening in the analog world, like when we watched streaming because I wanted to listen to Indiana University basketball, I couldn’t get it on the do radio. in Dallas. “

Despite Cuban’s optimism about Ethereum, he revealed that his wallet has double Bitcoin to Ethereum with “60 percent Bitcoin, 30 percent Ethereum and 10 percent the rest.”

The owner of the Mavs does not compare Bitcoin to the Internet boom, considering it primarily as a store of value. He believes Bitcoin is a better investment alternative to gold:

“With Bitcoin you can make transfers. And that was great. Turn right. And it was a retail value and that was great. It’s a better alternative to gold, which is phenomenal. It takes money away from gold and it continues. And that’s why I own Bitcoin, but that’s one thing, that’s not really where it relates to the Internet. “

The billionaire who stated I prefer bananasThen Bitcoin in September 2019, has since completely changed its tune. However, he may have been more involved than those comments suggest, after tweeting in early January of this year, “I still have crypto from the early days of CoinbaseI’ve never sold anything. “

While Cuban didn’t reveal what “the rest” of his portfolio was, some could be Doge after the Shark Tank investor predicted a scenario where Doge fetches $ 1

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